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Jan 28, 2013 9:30am PST
. >>> and he's "right this minute"'s favorite ranter. >> i've got plenty of -- >> see why francis is now smiling over his role in a super bowl ad. >> oh. >>> man in philadelphia, pennsylvania, is all this. >> oh. seeing -- >> seeing everything. >> this is a naked man on the front of a septa bus. >> boy. >> oh, man, there's a crack in the windshield of that bus! >> yeah. >> wow. whoa. the full baby. >> this keeps getting weirder and weirder. the guy who's on the bike rack of this septa bus who looks like he's maybe carrying pants, which i wish he'd put on. he is not happy with the fact that this guy is getting this on camera. >> whew -- whew! >> oh, geez. a bad day. chased by a naked man in the middle of the street. >> now, as luck would have it, we've got another angle of this. >> oh, good. >> this was caught by a guy named jose mora. >> no! [ laughter ] >> the guy he's chasing is a ba named lou jeffreys, and he says he does not see a naked man on the streets of philadelphia every day. watch what he does. he randomly jumps in the back of this pickup truck. just gets in. >> oh, no. >> and
Jan 25, 2013 9:00pm PST
attractive than they were before. >> here we were at the historic st. francis hotel, which was actually a representation of the evolution of elevators. can you tell us more about san francisco history here at the st. francis? >> sure. st. francis demonstrates well the evolution of elevated technology. and substantially damaged the 1906 earthquake and rebuilt in 1907 or 1908, and extend it again in 1913. then a new tower was added in 1932, so there is all sorts of elevator technology you can see at the st. francis that very much represents the building history of san francisco. >> i understand there is a really old elevator still operating here. >> that is right, the elevator installed in the 1913 expansion. we can go look at that. >> let's go take a look. here we are in a spectacular st. francis lobby. here is the clock. when people say "meet me at the clock in the st. francis." let's look at that elevator. >> ok, let's do it. >> here we are in the elevator installed as part of the expansion, and this is the way it was originally installed about 100 years ago. it has a manual switch just
Jan 12, 2013 5:30pm EST
. >>> next in an interview recorded at the university of pennsylvania at philadelphia mary francis berry shares her stories about serving on the united states commission on civil rights. set ultimate by president eisenhower in 1957. this is about a half an hour. >>> on your screen now on booktv is a well known face for c-span viewers. that's mary francis berry. professor at the university of pennsylvania. she's also the author of several books. at the university of pennsylvania today to talk to her about this book. "and justice for all." "and justice for all: the united states commission on civil rights and the continuing struggle for freedom in america" mary francis berry, when did the u.s. civil rights commission begin and why? >> well, it started in 1957. president eisenhower had a lot of discussions with secretary of state about the way the united states was seen around the world because a lot of the racism that was going on that people would hear about and read about. and the fact that there seemed to be a lot of episodes that kept happening whether it was lynching or some kin
Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm EST
d.c.'s district attorney, francis scott key. mr. key, who authored "the star-spangled banner", defended splafry in his prosecution and sought capital punishment only to be thwarted by the alleged victim, who's husband william thornton, designed the u.s. capitol. this is just over 50 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. for that nice introduction and thank you to majors and quinn hosting this event. i suggested this to eat than back in the winter, there was never anything less than enthusiastic about having me. this was always my destination when i came to a minneapolis bookstore. i am glad i landed here. i want to tell you a little bit about the book. i will read a little bit about the book. it's nice to be here and see some old familiar faces. you know, whenever i come back to minneapolis i have this feeling what a special place marshal u was, and there are probably a few people here that will remember the place if not agree with me. and so it's always nice to be back with old friends. i really date my sell here. i even attended an advanced placement class at the old west high
Jan 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
age when women were not really educated. what happens is as francis's growing up, cleveland's relationship with changes, changes from occleve, the godfather, to a romantic interest. he was descending a letters, poems and sensor roses. and is the full court press on courting her. he proposes marriage. he's a sitting best the president of enough to be her father or grandfather. her godfather. she's 21 years old, same age as monica something or other that what once -- once went to the white house, and he proposes marriage. well, what mrs. folsom the widow does, she thinks that her daughter needs time. she takes her daughter on a tour to my ship and they go and they tore europe. give her time to contemplate whether she is ready to marry a sitting president. what happens is, cleveland mrs. his love interest come so he writes about the love letters. he sends an agent of his on a boat out to intercept frances folsom headed to europe. they deliver all these letters. what happens is the love letters become public. they become public. now, some people are fascinated with cleveland's to
Jan 12, 2013 12:30am PST
to do with the design guidelines and i am certainly appreciative of the st. francis wood design association because the renderings that i see of the proposed house are very tasteful and keeping with the rest of st. francis wood we could take a clue from some of the design guidelines in the future on our projects but in any case i am wondering if it's all right if we make it a couple feet lower or 3 feet lower as he asked and hip roof or flat portion. it would have to have a gaibl but it wouldn't come to a point. >> as i understand st. frarnis homeowner association they typically review projects before they come to the city. they have their own internal review process. we rarely get a project -- a dr project filed on a project in st. francis woods. it rarely happens because they do this. if changes are made to the approved plans i under the assumption that the project sponsor has to return to them. >>i am sure they could. looking at the project further west on portolla and i don't know if that is the term a hit roof and gabble and has a flat portion and i'm not sure if that can b
Jan 5, 2013 5:00am PST
how much rainfall we expect by tomorrow evening. katie. >> all right, francis, thank you. a tsunami warning that was issued early this morning for parts of southern alaska and parts of the canadian coast has been cancelled. a wave generated by an earthquake overnight is not posing a threat. tsunami warnings were triggered when a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit just after 1:00 our time near craig, alaska. it included coastal areas from cordova, alaska to the northern tip of vancouver island. the seam warning was cancelled around 3:00 this morning. >>> this weekend hundreds of friends and relatives are sharing their grief and affection for a 19-year-old petaluma woman who was found dead in south lake tahoe yesterday. alyssa burns' body was found in the snow with no apparent signs of trauma. abc7 news reporter john alston takes us to the high school where alisa's brother thanked everyone who helped find her. >> for more than an hour the crowd of 100 stood there and barely said a word. toward the end alyssa burns brother got up to thank everyone. >> all we need to focus on is moving forwar
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
. monte francis is live in the bayview with the latest. you just talked to the family there. devastated. >> reporter: we just got an update from police. they are still searching for an attacker in this case. we also received a mug shot of the suspect. and here it is. he has been identified a 22-year-old dexter oliver. he is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire here earlier today. he is described as 5'10" and 155 pounds. now up until just a short time ago, you could still see the woman's burned clothing here visible on the street. we're attempted she attempted to throw off her jacket after her boyfriend doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire right here in the street shortly after noon today. the victim's sister tells us the couple had only been together for about six months, and that they argued a lot. according to the sister, the couple was at the laundromat down the street where they began to argue about the laundry. they were on the way back home just outside the victim's house on hollister near jennings when she told him the relationship was over, and
Jan 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
today in the city's bay view district. monty francis in the bay view where he just spoke with the victim's family, this has to be hard for them to make any sense out of. >> it is certainly very hard, and family members watched in horror as this all the played out right here in the streets. the 25-year-old woman, we're told she suffered serious burns and she's now at the burn unit at st. francis hospital, the woman's clothes are still here, burned, visible on the street. we're told she attempted to throw off her jacket after her boyfriend doused her with a flammable liquid, then set her on fire. the victim's sister tells us the couple had been together for about six months, and they argued a lot. according to the sister, the couple was at the laundry mad just down the street, where they began to argue about their laundry, they were on their way back home and just outside the victim's house at about 12:15, it's when she told him the relationship was over, that's when her boyfriend set her on fire. >> i just want to know why he did that to my sister. she didn't deserve it. and that h
Jan 10, 2013 4:00pm EST
utterly intriguing. so, you have a group of drawings here inscribed by francis bacon and a newspaper dated 1970. well that's my grandfather. he was in a restaurant in london, and he noticed a man sitting across from him at another table sketching people in the restaurant. so, when they were leaving he asked to look at it. and the man signed it and gave him the whole tablecloth. then, the next day in the hotel they got the newspaper and recognized the man from the night before. it was francis bacon. so, you've actually got a copy of the newspaper here. and he was arrested that night for drugs. yes. so, a rather fateful time for him. i mean, it's absolutely intriguing, this because it's exactly the sort of thing you would expect him to have done. he was a night owl. he spent all his time gambling, drinking going from one pub to the other wads of cash in his pocket. he was sort of generous but he was a real sort of hard-living libertine as well. and he was also pretty chaotic and slightly filthy. it's just the sort of thing he might have done drawing on a tablecloth like that. it's just
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
district as her family members and strapgers watched in horror. nbc bay area is live at st. francis hospital where the victim is being treated for serious burns. monte, her family hoping that she will pull through. >> reporter: kris, that's right. the victim is here at the burn unit. family members tell me that she remains in critical condition tonight. in the meantime, police have identified her boyfriend as the prime suspect. and he is still at large. >> i just want to know why he did it. she didn't deserve it. >> reporter: family members and other witnesses watched in har reporter this after as the man identified as 22-year-old dexter oliver threw a famable liquid on to his girlfriend and then set her on fire. pieces of the woman's burned clothing were still laying in the street when her sister shs precious craig, described to us what led to the attack. >> she said that he had to get out, that it was over. and she left the laundromat. ten minutes later, she was burned. >> reporter: family members say they had been date for six months and had a rocky relationship. today we're told
Jan 1, 2013 12:00pm PST
], john bollinger, francis gore man. >> good afternoon. * gorman please just start. >>> is this on? i guess it is. okay. i'm denise [speaker not understood]. i'm with save and i rely heavily on public transit system, our public transit system. and i fear because of this ill-advised project, public services will be diminished and fares will increase, and this has not come up at all that i know of, not at this meeting or other meetings. what are we going to do in the future when we can't get around the city with public transit and that train system is just a big boondoggle? i also fear what the 1906 earthquake could not do to destroy chinatown, this project will. and my favorite place to go is north beach. and i'm just horrified to think that i will not be able to access some of those wonderful restaurants and bakeries that are there because of the disruption of this construction. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> john bollinger, followed by francis gorman. those are the last people from whom i have speaker cards. >> okay. >> good afternoon, mr. bollinger. >>> g
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am PST
near st. francis drake boulevard. chp officers tell us at one point the water was shooting six feet into the air at the rate of 1,500 gallons a minute for 90 minutes. the break has now been capped but 13 customers are now without water. officials say they'll spend the next six to eight hours digging up the street to make a permanent fix and determine if the road is still structurally sound. christie smith is at the scene gathering the latest information for us. she'll have an update at 6:45. >> big-time mess out there. let's bring in mike inouye. that break looks like a very busy street. how is that affecting traffic? >> you heard laura talk about sir francis drake drive. that roadway is open. christie smith continues to reaffirm that. that's good news to and from 101 coming through san rafael. we're looking over here to san rafael flow of traffic picking up. slick roadways and maybe some low visibility through santa rosa and heading down into this area. just keep that in mind. be careful. we'll get another live look at 101 on the peninsula northbound with taillights toward willow w
Jan 20, 2013 3:00pm PST
francis scott key the 50 people that this land. >> >> the first people that this land had these fight songs, national anthems for these tribes, paying homage to the first flag of this land, the eagle staff. remembering our veterans as well, the warriors whether going to battle or returning from battle paying homage to their service, paying homage to this flag. always honored our veterans, our warriors. (chanting) (spiritual chanting). remember our fallen veterans and those still in battle. going into a victory song. here we go. everybody dance. (drums). go dancing rocking san francisco city hall indian way. how about a big round of applause for all our dancers? all right. [applause] all right. once again let's hear it for your singers, our dancers from everywhere here in the san francisco bay area. [applause] all right. good singing. good dancing. posting the eagle staff at this time. be shout out to larry harrison for taking care of our eagle staff. you maybe seated. calling up to the podium at this time michael lupdtin and vice president of the marketing and branding for this statio
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
. monte francis reporting for news santa clara. >>> new tonight at 11:00, the mood was much different in atlanta this afternoon. police are now investigating a stabbing in the parking lot after the game. it happened around 3:40 california time outside georgia dome. a 49ers fan stabed a falcons fan in the neck after being punched. the victim is 35 years old. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. he is expected to survive. police have not made any arrests at this point. >>> well, this year's super bowl has some serious sibling rivalry. that's because as you possibly know, the head coaches are brothers and they are about to make history. jim harbaugh will take on his older brother john who coaches the baltimore ravens. the two faced each other on thanks giving in 2011. and that was the first time two brothers coached against each other in the nfl. well, the ravens won that game. now, the two will face-off again and make history in the process. this will be the first time two brothers have ever faced each other as head coaches in the super bowl. jim harbaugh, of course, also has bay area
Jan 25, 2013 1:30am PST
musicians play for the san francis francisco. there should be no doubt that during the construction there will be union office operations meeting and so forth the union has some very specific and unique functions that it carries out in the representation of its members. those functions are offering record studios and facilities for their members. those operations are going to be impacted during the construction. the union has been working with the project sponsor with a number of months now. we've exchanged information and unfortunately as of today, we just have not completed a arrangements and agreements that the - and so as a result we're here to request that it be made principle of law that the project sponsors take responsibility of the relocation and disruption to its functions to its operations particularly with regard to the noise and that's going to have on rehearsal and recording functions >> thank you tim collin and david nickel. >> good afternoon tim collin. our members be looked at this project last year and i have to say it embodies everything we approve of in urban dev
Jan 23, 2013 6:30am PST
st. francis has the lowest percentage of kids, lower than manhattan, -- i want to thank my colleagues to help the families can find the city more affordable. to have a city that works, you have to make sure the public education work for our kids. we have the highest performing urban school district in the entire state, and one of the highest performing urban school districts in the country and yet many kids especially kids of color are doing worse in san francisco than kids of color are doing in other parts of the bay area. we as a city have an obligation and we are committed to making the city work for everyone to make sure that we have the best public education system in the world. we have to make sure that we do that. we talked about diversity earlier. we talked about ethnic and racial diversity. but sexual orientation and gender identity also matter. we have a long history and tradition in san francisco of welcoming diversity when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity. we have not gotten to the point where we can be completely satisfied that we are what we
Jan 28, 2013 1:30pm PST
occasions, like this and father is the president of usf and he knows that this city of st. francis has been a city. when they talk about san francisco values, i take it in the most complimentary way. the values of st. francis and that is exactly what we are doing on this corner today, being channels of god's peace, giving love and light where it had not existed. but to thank each and every one of you for what you do. our mayor has been sort of the catalyst. he is where a lot of this comes together, public policy, private philanthropy and non-profit collaborations all works with the spark that makes it just ignite in a much bigger way. and he has been really a champion in that regard, not just as the mayor of this city, but long before that in his various capacities in leadership in our city. so we thank him for that leadership. because of each and every one of you sitting here, and most of all because of the vips today, the vips, the people who will live here. they are the very important people today. [ applause ] because of those very important people, this is a very important day in san f
Jan 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
into the casino matrix to watch the game and celebrate as the clock ticked down. monty francis is in san francisco with reactions from fans there, of course. hello, monte. >> reporter: good evening. we're along the embarcadero. we were inside the cavern when the niners won this game. the place went absolutely wild. take a look. several hundred people packed pete's tavern just across from at&t park to watch this championship game. similar scenes played out at restaurants and bars across the city. this game came down to the wire. fans were very relieved that the falcons were not able to score in that last minute of the fourth quarter. for san francisco sports fans, this has been an incredible last few months with the giants winning the world series back in october and now the 49ers are on their way to the super bowl. >> we knew they were going to do it! >> coming all the way back! >> i never doubted it. my team is good on the road. i knew we'd do it. no problems. our defense is tight. our offense is tight. we did it. we pulled it off. go niners! >> i'm so glad the niners won. i'm ready
Jan 12, 2013 12:00am PST
the st. francis community and window alignment, composition and architectural style of the house and neighborhood guidelines for st. francis woods association. our architect has worked with benjamin mitch chel who works for the board and he's attended committee meetings and revised the plans according to the committee's considerations and recommendations. on march 8 when the dr applicant filed a request for the discretionary review we again worked with the planning department specifically and adriane [inaudible] and required us to submitted plans of the acquat graifd the building in relation to its neighbors. it wasn't actually constructed any larger or different from the originally submitted and approved plans, so as stated by mr. washington of the planning department he did not find that project adversely affected the neighbor's property, and we have been in compliance with the planning department. my family has purchased this property with their savings and with the intent to build its dream home. within the last 10 months it's been a significant financial burden so i respectively
Jan 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
this afternoon and the coast guard responded to the scene. monte francis is at ocean beach with an update. hopefully they're okay, monte. >> that is the good news. they are all okay. we have a car horn going off here, we apologize for that. total of six surfers, they got into some kind of distress here today. the good news, they're all okay. one of them suffered a minor injury. the conditions were rough earlier today. as you can see behind me, it's calmed down considerly. the coast guard came through on a life boat earlier and told the surfers to paddle in all of this on the eve of the maverick surf contest. professional surfers have come to the bay area from all over the world to compete. the surf can be treacherous for even the pros, and there are warnings for spectators not to get too close to the water. organizers set up a big tv screen a safe distance from shore so people can see the action. we talked to the head judge for mavericks who described the conditions the surfers will be up against tomorrow. >> we were waiting so long, didn't have an event last year. everybody is anx
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
the dog is vicious and should be put down. "today in the bay's" monte francis live at christie fields with more on what charlie's owner has to say this morning. a lot of people vocal about this. >> reporter: i just spoke to the dog owner about 15 minutes ago. he says there's a settlement conference scheduled in federal court at 1:30 today. he says this whole ordeal could come to an end. this stems from an incident when a 2-year-old american terrier named charlie attacked a police horse. the dog bit the horse more than once. an officer was thrown from the horse during the attack and charlie's owner was charged with not having control over his dog and police say the dog is vicious and should be put down. since the attack charlie has been in the custody of animal control. more than 100,000 people have signed an online petition asking the city to spare the dog's life. the city attorney offered a deal to send charlie to an animal sanctuary instead of being put down but his owner refused saying he wanted charlie to come home. the owner since filed a lawsuit against the city claiming
Jan 5, 2013 6:00am PST
tomorrow. i'll also are your accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. katie. >> francis, thank you. a tsunami warning that was issued early this morning for parts of southern alaska and parts of the canadian coast has been cancelled. a wave generated by an earthquake overnight is not posing a threat. tsunami warnings were triggered when a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit just after 1:00 our time near craig, alaska. the tsunami warning area included coastal areas from cordova, alaska to the northern tip of vancouver island. the tsunami warning was cancelled around 3:00 this morning. >> a restaurant in petaluma is moving forward with a fundraiser for the family of alyssa burn, the family of the teenager who was found yesterday morning. ker live in pietrus aluminumma this morning. what's the new plan? >> good morning, katie. beyond the glory sports bar and grill this morning will be giving the money from today's dean and donate event for the national center for missing families. they say they don't want the money, they want it going to other families going through the torment of missing a ch
Jan 26, 2013 11:00pm PST
to the streets to demand action and a gun buyback event netted hundreds of weapons. monte francis is in san francisco with more on the story for us. monty? >> well, good evening. organizers of this gun buyback event and also this is gun control march that happened today say both events were successful. they're also both a reflection of what's happening across the nation. >> gun control now. >> as the group called one million moms for gun control marched at chrissy field today they joined others in at least a dozen other cities across the country. >> i think the recent tragedies in connecticut showed us that no one can stand on the sidelines anymore. this affects everybody. >> the group is calling for a ban on military style assault weapons and supports universal background checks. for some, the message is personal. >> remember that we're talking about, we're talking about people's children and my daughter and so many other children that have been killed. >> down the peninsula, people lined up by the hundreds to turn in their guns for cash. >> it was my grandmother's. she gave it to m
Jan 7, 2013 4:00am PST
adjourn in memory of francis alwrote oh, steve chew john tell at a wallet tear newman. second may they rest in pees. meeting adjourned at 713 prime minister. merry christmas and happy new year. >> in the auditorium and can we all stand please for the pledge of allegiance. >> pledge one and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> mr. president, i would like to call roll for the police commission. >> please do. >> president mazzucco. >> present. >> vice president mar. >> here. >> commissioner dejesus in route. >> commissioner chan. >> present. >> commissioner kingsley. >> present. >> commissioner turman. >> here. >> commissioner loftus. >> here. >> we're have a quorum and also with us is the director much occ joyce hicks and i believe the chief of police is in route. we have a quorum. >> thank you. i am julie and the commission of status of woman. i would like to introduce andrea and we r we expect rebecca soon and next to that is alisa and kay. we have a quorum. >> well thank you very much commissioner and thank yo
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
is their most successful gun show in the bay area ever. monty francis joins us with more. >> reporter: many of the people who came to the gun show say they are fearful that the president will take away their second amendment rights. president obama, of course, denies that. but there is a reason that fear appears to be so prevalent. they came to the cow palace by the thousands. some even lining up hours before the doors opened. >> i got here at 4:00 a.m., was second in line. >> reporter: organizers said today's attendance was triple the turnout from last year. the gun show's owner attributes that to expectations gun laws will become more restrictive following the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> the politicians are attempting to piggyback on this tragedy to further impede the rights of the american people. >> things are just flying off the shelves. people are so concerned they're not going to be able to buy arms and ammunition to go hunting with or defend themselves. >> reporter: many who attended told us they fear president obama wants to take away their guns, echoing
Jan 10, 2013 11:00am PST
monte francis is live in vallejo where he just got an update from the highway patrol. monte, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. westbound highway 37 reopened about 90 minutes and hazmat crews and firefighters are still here on the scene dealing with the aftermath of this crash. but take a look at some dramatic video that was taken just minutes after this crash occurred. you can see the big rig burst into flames after plunging from an on-ramp that connects the two highways. the big rig and a pick-up truck were involved in a xligs, sending the big rig over the guardrail. the big rig plunged to the ground. two witnesses and an off-duty paramedic were driving by and rushed to the big rig driver's aid. they were able to pull him from the burning big ri and one of the witnesses even had a fire extinguisher he used to put out some of the flames. the big rig driver sadly later died at the hospital. although the road is now clear, the clean-up is far from over. >> it was an ace hardware truck carrying unknown amounts of hazmat. the solano county hazmat team is on the scene. >
Jan 26, 2013 5:00pm PST
sponsored in part by congresswoman jackie speer, also a victim of gun violence. monte francis has the results of today's buying back. hello. >> good evening. this event ended at 2:00. organizers netted 680 guns, including 24 assault weapons. at least 300 of the guns were rifles or shotguns, along with hundreds of handguns as we have seen at other events, there was a big response to the gun buy back, and long lines as people came to exchange guns for $100 in cash each, assault rifles $200. bay area congresswoman jackie speer handed out some of the cash today as she helps fund that buy back with some of her own campaign funds. she says no taxpayer money was used. as you might recall, she's a survivor of a shooting in guyana when she works for congressman leo ryan who was killed in 1978. speer is pushing congress to pass new gun control measures, but says that will do little to get guns already out there off the street. she says that's why these events are so important. >> for every gun we take off the street that means one less gun that can get into the wrong hands and kill a child or k
Jan 24, 2013 12:35am EST
. >> reporter: and francis. >> from here, i did my hair. >> reporter: they're proud of the work they've had and quick to judge the with of otherings. >> if we don't like them, we don't hang out with their wives. >> reporter: for them, no appointment is necessary. no payment required. they have unlimited access to the operating room, whatever they want whenever they want it. even a personal procedure room right at home for a little or tuck when the mood strikes. they are living billboards for their husband's steady hands. >> i heard some advice a long time ago that if you're considering a plastic surgeon, look at his wife. and that's a perfect example of the kind of work he most likely does. >> reporter: and their new show "plastic wives" on tlc leaves little to the imagination about what life in and out of the operating room is really like. are you ready for the public reaction? i'm going to tell you right now, people are going to say you look overdone. >> we're not telling anybody they have to go do this. i'm all about -- look, here's what i did. here's the information. take it
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
. nbc bay area's monty francis is at ocean beach with an update. hopefully they safe, monty. >> reporter: good evening. a total of six surfers were reported to be in distress here at ocean beach this afternoon. the good news is they are all okay, although one of them did suffer a minor shoulder injury. now the surf was unusually strong and strong rip currents caused a coast guard to come through and ask all the surfers to paddle in because it was too dangerous. as for the six surfers in distress, they all made it in on their own. a coast guard helicopter was about to hoist one of them out of the water near seal rock, but he, too, was finally able to make it to shore independently. a nature photographer caught some of the scary moments for those surfers this afternoon. he shared his photos with us. again, no one was seriously hurt. again, all of this is happening on the eve of the big mavericks surf contest off the coast of half moon bay. professional surfers have come to the bay area from all over the world to compete. >> surfers are going to have challenging conditions out
Jan 17, 2013 11:00am PST
sympathy or was te'o the victim of a very cruel and ugly hoax? nbc bay area's monte francis is live on the stanford campus now with the latest on this bizarre story, to say the least. monte, good morning. >> reporter: well, john, good morning. there are conflicting reports about whether this was strictly an online relationship or if the two ever actually met in person. but we can tell you officials here at stanford say there is no record of a student by the name of lennay kekua and students here are expressing their surprise about the hoax. on the stanford campus, everyone is talking about a stanford student who never walked these grounds. or attended class here. it turns out, she never even existed. the campus newspaper, "the stanford daily," summed it up this way. unreal. miles bennett smith is the paper's managing sports editor. >> one of the big things was, we were wondering how could we possibly have missed this? >> reporter: the "new york times" connected stanford to the name lennay kekua. he says he is dismayed they didn't fact-check the story earlier. >> if someone had told me mant
Jan 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
people lined up outside the event looking to buy guns and take home ammunition. our monty francis joins us from daly city with more. monty? >> reporter: good evening. you cannot just walk into the cow palace and walk out with a gun. that's because here in califoia there's a ten-day waiting period. there are, however, no such restrictions on ammunition. i've seen quite a few people walking out with large boxes of ammo just within the last hour. people lined up here, some of them as early as 4:00 a.m. to get into the annual event at the cow palace called the crossroads of the west gun show. gun show organizers claim they had triple the number of people here compared to last year. we have not been able to verify that, but it's fair to say the turnout here was large and the lines during the day were very long. now, as congress looks at a possible ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, there is already such a ban on assault weapons here in california. still the owner of the gun show says the big turnout this year is being fueled by a fear that the nation's gun laws may cha
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